Group & Private Classes

Modern Shamanism


Introduction to The Shamanic Journey


You came here to walk on the earth, to have your feet in the dirt, to connect and commune with all of nature.  


You are not here by mistake, there are no coincidences. 


Your mission, purpose or calling at this time may be crystal clear or it may feel foggy and diluted. Connecting with your power, the power and knowledge of source and your spirit allies is how to align.  


You have all of the answer within you. Often they are hard to hear, see or interpret. 


Many look to others to find, clarify or interpret their vision for them. To tap into the divine essence of your soul and tell you what they see.  


But you have it all within you. It is YOUR soul. YOUR mission. YOUR purpose.  


 Wouldn’t it feel better to directly connect to it yourself? Whenever and wherever you need to.  



Learn how with the ancient practice of Shamanic Journeying.



Together we will: 


~ Journey to the Upper and Lower Worlds to meet a Power Animal and Upper World Teacher.

~ Explore how to best communicate with your spirit helpers for yourself and others.

~ Learn how to perform a Power Animal Retrieval for a person or pet.

~ Experience powerful grounding techniques, energetic boundaries.  

~ Discern who or what is safe in the spirit world and how best to protect yourself

~ Create partnerships with trusted spirits that are in full integrity with the desire to help you and our planet. 



You, me & up to 9 others. I’m keeping it small and intimate! Plus countless spirit helpers. 😉


Connecting with our helping spirits in a deep and profound way.


Completely online, we will meet in my Zoom room. There will be a seperate facebook group for added support, community and replays of videos.


8 weeks, beginning April 6th. 

Live calls will be 2- 2 1/2 hours in length and will take place at a time that works for all. 


Register now! ($297 US)

You will receive an email with a request for some information about you, best meeting time and then subsequent ones preparing you for our work together.

Private Mentorship

Let’s work together towards your healing and spiritual goals. Having the support of someone who has weathered many storms can be extremely helpful in many seasons of your life. Gain peace, healing, depth of clarity and many daily and long-term techniques to help change your life. Let me help guide you further down your path. I will offer insight, healing sessions, practical techniques, divination and support along your way. If you’re ready to make real change and do the inner work necessary, I’d love to talk more!

Group Classes

Upcoming mentorships will be listed when planned, however, if you are looking for support in this capacity and know others who are interested, I am happy to begin a new group session for you. Contact me to talk more.