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Embrace Your Path. 

I have been on the path of healing, searching and learning about spirituality and holistic health for most of my life, professionally since 2002. I’d love to share my knowledge, guidance and learning with you. 

 About Me

The journey that has brought me to where I am now.  


If you’re ready to commit to yourself, your soul and your abilities, let’s transform your life. 


Are you ready to dive in and learn intuitive and shamanic skills?

“In Shamanism we work to become the Hollow Bone. Meaning we work to absolve our ego, allowing the healing, messages and guidance of our Spirit Teachers to not be hindered or tarnished by our personal wounds or triggers.”

– Jessica Verrill 

What My Clients Say 

I was lucky enough to have a shamanic healing with Jessica several weeks ago and it really had a big impact on me in a positive way! I had been feeling really lackluster, trying to get into the new year and feeling unmotivated. But within a few days of the healing I started to get my mojo back and even felt compelled to start exercising again! Something in me shifted and put me back on track for the year. I loved her soothing voice and her rattle!! I can definitely recommend a healing with her, she is lovely!

Sal Jade

Spiritual Teacher

I cannot recommend Jess highly enough. I was lucky enough to work with Jess on her Shamanic mentorship program.
The program was brilliant. It was absolutely packed with information, exercises and practical components that allowed me to experience the lower, middle and upper worlds.

Jess is so generous with her knowledge and is extremely kind. I felt that she pitched the program at exactly the right level for my needs, making it informative and great fun.

I am so excited about what I’ve learned and I know that if I have questions that Jess is there to answer them.

I would recommend the program and Jess to anyone who is interested in learning about Shamanism.

Claire Doherty


Jessica is, in all honesty, a complete life saver. Her gentle and inviting spirit along with her warm and powerful (I think maybe magical…) touch gave me one of the best and most soul quenching experiences of my life yesterday. Jessica not only heals your muscle ailments she cares about healing your spiritual and energy ailments too.
I went to Jessica yesterday with a heavy soul and back pain like I have never experienced. She asked me a few questions about different worries in my life (did you know that back pain is linked to money/financial worries?!) and could immediately tell that my emotions and my spirit were damaged. She knew just what to do!
My massage was not just a massage. It was filled with energetic synergy and balancing. There were times when I felt my body purging unnecessary and spirit blocking energies. It was pure enlightenment.
When my treatment was over I felt about 100 pounds lighter. I felt grounded. My body was exhausted but in a completely necessary way. My back felt relieved. My soul felt light. I felt like I could move on.
Jessica, truly, truly, thank you for the brilliant work you do. I can’t thank you enough.


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 “You don’t find light by avoiding the darkness.”

― S. Kelley Harrell 


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